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Poly Ether Ether Ketone

Poly Ether Ether Ketone is a highly preffered material by engineers due to its superior performance and characteristics. We offer PEEK formulations in various sizes including rods (solid & hollow), filaments, tubing, films, and strip/ flats. Finished Components can also be provides for specific requirements of our clients.

Due to its superior characteristics and properties, PEEK is used in automotives, food processing industries, medical equipment, electronics, aerospace and many other industrial applications.

Characteristics :
Superior temperature performance
Excellent wear & friction resistance
Excellent dimensional accuracy
Hydrolysis resistance
Radiation resistance
Excellent electrical properties
Extreme inherent purity
Precise machinability & thermal stability
High tensile strength & tensile modulus
Chemical resistance
Fire, smoke & toxicity resistance
Superior insulating property
FDA approved
PVDF (Engineering Thermoplastic)

PVDF is manufactured from Kynar®* 740, an engineering thermoplastic that offers the stable characteristics of a fluoropolymer, as well as mechanical strength, abrasion resistance and high purity. Chemfluor® PVDF also offers excellent chemical resistance, UV radiation resistance and low permeability. These shapes are stocked in rigid material, but are available in other resins on a custom basis. PVDF can be used in the semiconductor, pulp and paper, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as for nuclear waste, and chemical and food processing.

Application :
Semiconductor industry
Pulp and paper industry
Pharmceutical industry
Nuclear waste processing
Chemical processing
Food processing